my dream

Siti Qurroti A’yun
My experiences and my dreams

I began my study in IAIN Sunan Ampel Surabaya at September, 10 2007. I feel apart from my surrounding. Because of unparticipated in OSCAR, I didn’t know all my friends. But I was know some peoples which I knew before in one of organization.
A year ago, I studied in State University of Surabaya ( UNESA ). I was also join to one of organization in IAIN Sunan Ampel  so I had connected with some peoples in IAIN although I was a student in UNESA. I studied in UNESA about one semester and two weeks. In second semester I studied in there just two weeks. Because of sick, I was naught all study programs which I was programed. It’s different with leave ( cuti ).
After six month, I register to IAIN Sunan Ampel  and praise be to God I received there so in 2007 I move from UNESA to IAIN Sunan Ampel. I not take a part in OSCAR so I haven’t many recognize in IAIN, exspecially in Tarbiyah faculty. I think it’s a problem to me so I want to solve that problem. I was experiented be a student on university therefore I know how to opposite a new student of university.
On Monday, the firts day I studied in IAIN, I entering a class to follow  an arab language test. I was late about twenty minutes so I nervous opposite many questions on the text. I refresh myself in order to can answer rightly. After that I follow reading holy Qur’an test.
On Tuesday, I look a result of test on announcement board. Praise be to God I entering class B, which all of people say that it’s favorite intensive class. I shocked. It’s challenge to me. There are humour experience,after look an announcement I entering a class B while brought many language arab books which I took from LPBA. I divided that books to my friends and so gave informations about arab language intensive. Surprised, my friends consider me a dosen assistant.
Wednesday is the first day I attend classes in class F. On the first week many lesson not actived. Once upon a time, I try to write an article its the title “Urgensi Organisasi“ and I send to ‘Kombas’crew. My article published at ‘Kombas’ third edition. Beginning, I affraid if there anyone disagree and then critisize my opinion but I think it’s a consequence to a writer.
I have many targets in a first semester. They are about IP, organization, get a scholarship, and intelectual development. I have to get high IP and not lesson be repeat. I want to active on organization. Consequently, I must manage a time preparly. I musn’t affraid to try write my opinion sistematically. So I follow ‘Kombas’ to create it. I want to get a scholarship because if I can do it I will minimize a cost my study. An organization, is one of choice rightly to evolve my intelectual question. Finally, I hope I can create my dreams in order to make my parent proud of  me.


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