Break through a Bali with ooze’s victims

Break through a Bali with ooze’s victims

Pacification of Bali when United Nations for Climate Change Conference (UNFCC) realization, 2007, December 3-14 is very closely guarde. Not easy entering that location except must get ready to frisked. If suspected, we will detained for several time to interrogated or to deportated. This forum advantaged by Porong ooze’s victims to express their fate, to express environment and human crime that matter in Porong. Because of that, Although great difficulty, finally the group can follow every program in Civil Society Forum (CSF) village.

The arrival a small group which consist of nine ooze’s victims to Bali is their target. They do very hard to go to Bali before they are go, they confuse, seek an assistance funds. Their trip also not easy. The names of that nine persons identified completely. Moreover it’s name sticked in inspection post. All of them are investigated one by one. The KTP is scanned, their photos are taken half body, their finger prints are taken too, their high are measured. It is unsufficient. They are forced to sign a declaration letter. Bambang Wuryanto, as coordinator, feel treated unfair, because this nine persons not go to Bali for make disturbance. It is better to the Police Agencies not to do it. Because they (nine persons) are citizen of country, not teroris.

The group arrive in Bali on Wednesday, December, 5, in the morning. In there, they feel not quiet because they always in controlling. It’s done since they were go to Bali. Bambang Wuryanto often called by phone by a Police Agencies to ask their condition and what are they doing. In addition, they must moving from one place to other place for get a place where peaceful. They are protecting one and the others. They also becarefull to earn their living. It must do by one person and the others unchanged. They never feel comfortable.

That treatment is excessive. It is not suitable to do, for citizen our country who have not crime purpose. They just want to advantage this international forum as media of express their aspiration, that always not interested and responsed by a government. In this case, we can not see from just one side because it is cause a refutation for a government.

Many disaster matter in everywhere, exspecially in our Country, Indonesia. Because of that, a government confuce for facing many problems. Therefore, a government need to construct a special team who handle a disaster. For example, a special team who handle an ooze’s flood in Porong.

Respecting for the United Nations for Climate Change conference (UNFCC) in Bali, the ooze’s victims not remained motionless. They delegate nine persons to express their fate. This conference talk about climate change in the world, exspecially a global warming which more serious condition and become wider. This condition cause apprehension a human life. The vein of ozone which protecting earth atmosphere is eroded little by little by Carbon Dioksida’s emition and other carbon’s emition. For example, what a matter in Porong, a gas which produced by ooze is destroy an environment air. If this case allowed, the greenhouse effect will be mattered.

They (nine persons) follow several program in CSF village very full. They are seminar, discuss, and testimony. In other ooze’s victims, there are a farmer, group, fisherman, tradition guard, inhabitant community in forest where attacked by the crime of environment and humanbeings.

On Thursday, December, 6, minister of environment affairs, Rahmat Witoelar arrive in CSF village. He said that the announcement to citizen of country about the long time effect of smoke from outpouring center which inhaled, is a sector national tragedi’s order. In the afternoon, Slamet Rahardjo arrive and talk about culture and environment.

After jum’at’s pray, December, 7, ooze’s victims and farmers which united in farmer group testimony get an opportunity in CSF village. They make use of this forum as sharing arena about their suffering and opportunity to support a motivation from society at large. They (the ooze’s victims) more and more feel that the government bring permit his citizen of country be a separated class and chased from their country theirself. In the night, held a discuss with Walhi (wahana lingkungan hidup), LSM of environment from Malaysia, German, and Belanda.